Carry Me Close Sling Workshop

Hi everyone

Carry Me Close is run by Julia based in Cardiff. She does baby sling workshops so if you’ve never tried baby wearing or maybe you have a sling but are a bit nervous of trying it, you can give it a go under supervision of a trained baby wearing consultant.

I’m going to one of her workshops next Tuesday and very much looking forward to it!

Here’s a link to her website for more info.



Most mothers would like to carry their baby in slings but struggle using them or stop after a few weeks or months because they find them uncomfortable. Avoid Frustration by finding the right sling with the help of a qualified babywearing instructor with years of experience and you can enjoy carrying your child for months or years if you want to. Strain on your back when carrying usually means the sling is fitted too lose or incorrectly.

Learn how to get it right from the Start and attend a sling workshop.

2-3 hour workshops held in groups of maximum 4 mothers
demonstration of wide selection of slings (Woven Wraps, Ring Slings, Mei Teis, Full Buckle Carriers…)
theoretical knowledge about babywearing and correct positioning in slings
step by step teaching and practicing of 1-2 techniques with a woven wrap sling
practice with a realistic babywearing doll first before trying it with your baby
chance to try many different slings and carriers with the help of an expert
SLING HIRE INCLUDED for 2 weeks (deposit required)
Cost £15, drinks and healthy snacks included. Held in my home in Cardiff Canton.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday 27th November, 10am
Monday 10th December, 10:00am
Tuesday 18th December, 10am

Well worth it!

20121119-101502 AM.jpg


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