The Midget Hemmer Stitcher

20130911-125913 PM.jpg

Found this little gadget recently – it’s got a few parts missing, so the tensions not right – but its so cool!

Fab wonder of miniature engineering – it does a little chain stitch so only has one thread and loops and the back of the stitch.

And a nice bit of info here on chain stitch sewing machines.

Here’s a fantastic video I found on YouTube about it –

Haha – “…perfect for mothers and bachelors!”

Tried to find more info online and an instruction booklet but not much luck.

I’d love to get it working properly but I’d need to get the missing parts from somewhere?!

Anyway – that’s probably only interesting to a certain type of sewing nerd.



2 thoughts on “The Midget Hemmer Stitcher

  1. Hi Katie. I have just been given an old Singer sewing machine by my mum. She never uses it and wanted it to go to me as she knew I would look after it. I will attach a pic so you can see my new baby! I love it. Hope you’re keeping well. Love Sharron 🙂

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    1. Fab! I love older singer sewing machines. They’re beautiful! I’ve got one from the 1870’s and its still works perfectly. Can’t imagine my modern (ugly) machine working in 30 years – never mind 130 years! 😉


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