My mini protest banner


20140415-100707 pm.jpg


I thought I’d add a brief explanation.

I put this mini protest banner up on the railings outside The Settlement building in Bargoed, in the Rhymney valley.

The Settlement is a community building, which houses various community projects, clubs and associations. Bargoed has a strong community spirit, but many issues surrounding cuts, lack of employment and crime. Much like many towns in the valleys. I lived in Bargoed for a short time, it is currently undergoing a regeneration programme, which will be extremely positive when complete.

My protest banner was meant to encourage people to think what they could do to improve their community.

It’s no good thinking, someone should do something about whatever issue you feel passionately about, you are someone. Do something.


One thought on “My mini protest banner

  1. Reblogged this on Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond and commented:
    I’m reading a fantastically inspiring book–CRAFTIVISM: The art of Craft and Activism edited by Betsy Greer. Its basis is a kind of William Morris derived idea that handmade craft is in and of itself subversive in a consumerist global economy, but takes it further by looking at the socially conscious installations and guerrilla art, like knit bombing. Also, collectives that use craft to empower women in emerging economies. Maybe all these things aren’t exactly the same–but the concept is fascinating. And inspirational.


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