Etsy Updates

I’ve made a few policy and payment updates on my etsy shop to make payment easier, and you can now request custom made items! Hooray! Please take a look. Many thanks 😘 




I had a very exciting meeting yesterday about making some AMAZING costumes for panto this year, working with my bestest buddy Catherine Sanger. I highly recommend you all check out her Facebook page here. 

More info as things develop. Can’t wait to get cracking. OH NO YOU DON’T! OH YES I DO! etc…

New Item added to my Etsy Shop

Beautiful handmade Liberty print cotton self tie knot fastening watch. Quality Quartz watch face.

Strap measures 44cm

Watch face 3cm

Personalise your watch with 3 choices of Liberty cotton lawn fabric and 10 choices of watch face. Just let me know your choice in your order.

Thank you for taking to time to look at my shop. Please take a look at some of my other items. 




I’ve been super excited about this all day, so I found some photos of lovely simple underpinning corsets I’ve made. I love these just because of their shape and simplicity, and I remember really enjoying making them too. These were both for operas I was working on, so I don’t get credit for design or cut just make. But they’re still lush!


Exciting Ideas!

*** Reposting this from earlier this year, this is still defo in the pipeline, I just didn’t expect to be so ill with my pregnancy! Normal functions now resuming! ***

Quick update… Ideas are dangerous things, and I’ve been having them so that’s definitely a problematic thing to be happening.

I’m thinking corsets. Sexy corsets. Beautiful corsets. Bright, colourful, crazy, over the top carnival on a merry-go-round, day of the dead Corsets!

Bought some supplies from the super wonderful Vena Cava Designs online shop. Can’t wait to get cracking. In the meantime I’m going to drool over my corsetry books and getting some inspirado.

I’ll keep you posted and put up pictures of corsetry progress.


My mini protest banner


20140415-100707 pm.jpg


I thought I’d add a brief explanation.

I put this mini protest banner up on the railings outside The Settlement building in Bargoed, in the Rhymney valley.

The Settlement is a community building, which houses various community projects, clubs and associations. Bargoed has a strong community spirit, but many issues surrounding cuts, lack of employment and crime. Much like many towns in the valleys. I lived in Bargoed for a short time, it is currently undergoing a regeneration programme, which will be extremely positive when complete.

My protest banner was meant to encourage people to think what they could do to improve their community.

It’s no good thinking, someone should do something about whatever issue you feel passionately about, you are someone. Do something.

Flyers have arrived!!! (Finally)

Hooray!! They’re here and looking fantastic (even if I do say so myself). It’s totally official now then, so just got to get them as visible as possible around Bargoed now! Hopefully people will actually come!

20140326-055624 pm.jpg

So please check out my workshop and events page for more info!