Exciting Ideas!

*** Reposting this from earlier this year, this is still defo in the pipeline, I just didn’t expect to be so ill with my pregnancy! Normal functions now resuming! ***

Quick update… Ideas are dangerous things, and I’ve been having them so that’s definitely a problematic thing to be happening.

I’m thinking corsets. Sexy corsets. Beautiful corsets. Bright, colourful, crazy, over the top carnival on a merry-go-round, day of the dead Corsets!

Bought some supplies from the super wonderful Vena Cava Designs online shop. Can’t wait to get cracking. In the meantime I’m going to drool over my corsetry books and getting some inspirado.

I’ll keep you posted and put up pictures of corsetry progress.



Flyers have arrived!!! (Finally)

Hooray!! They’re here and looking fantastic (even if I do say so myself). It’s totally official now then, so just got to get them as visible as possible around Bargoed now! Hopefully people will actually come!

20140326-055624 pm.jpg

So please check out my workshop and events page for more info!

Make Do & Mend Sewing Workshops

Craftivist workshop flyer

Sewing Workshops

Through the Easter holidays, we’ll be holding drop-in sewing workshops at The Settlement on Cardiff Road in Bargoed between the 14th and the 18th of April 10am till 4pm.

Make Do and Mend Alteration drop in

“Make Do and Mend”

Make do and mend was part of the WWII ethos, between rationing and lack of production everyone just had to make do. Trying to get the most out of everything they had. Patching trousers, darning socks, re-knitting old jumpers into something new, anything to make clothes last as long as possible!

Today, we can reinvent the Make Do and Mend mentality to suit our modern needs. Especially now, with cuts, price rises and austerity, make do and mend is making a comeback in a big way! Upcycling is the new fashionable way of making do, using really creative innovative techniques to revive old items!

For this drop in session, you are welcome to bring along any old item of clothing and learn the basics of altering and reviving old clothes. If you need to take in, let out, take up, patch repair or customise. The world is your oyster! Don’t worry if you think your sewing skills aren’t up to much, learn some basic skills while you’re here.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out my pinterest page on upcycling old tshirts here, for easy ideas!

Craftivism Workshop

What is Craftivism?!


“Craftivism is a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper & your quest for justice more infinite. “

– Betsy Greer

Basically Craftivism is a way of raising awareness for a cause you feel strongly about, whether it be littering, cuts, social justice, or feminism – anything you care about.

For this workshop, I’m inviting the community of Bargoed and the Rhymney Valley to have a say on what you feel passionately about, whilst learning a new skill and having some fun! At the end of the Easter Holidays there will be an exhibition of some of the pieces of work we’ve made at The Settlement to show off the incredible work I’m sure will be produced and hopefully raise some money for charity.

If you would like to take part in the Craftivist workshop, some materials will be supplied, but if you would like to be more creative please bring along anything you wish to customise your piece.

For further inspiration on Craftivism, please have a look at my Pinterest page here. I also highly recommend having a look at the Craftivist Collective website here for more information.

More Info

Hopefully, there is something for everyone here! All ages and abilities are welcome to attend, and as its a drop in session you can stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours, its up to you.

There will be sewing machines available to use, although only a limited number so availability will be on a first come first serve basis. You can also bring along your own machine to use. There will also be a limited supply of haberdashery so if you require anything specific for your project please bring what you need, thread, pins etc…

To take part the cost will be £4 per person, £2.50 for children (under 16).  Refreshments will also be available, tea, coffee, cake etc…

If you’re interested please let me know, email katiecelf@gmail.com

The Settlement, 35 Cardiff Road, Bargoed, CF81 8NZ (Near JJ’s Convenience Store)

*** Last of my Slings for Sale ***

*** Last of my Slings for Sale ***

I’ve listed the last of my baby slings for sale on ebay. So check out my listings here!

And for more information on baby wearing and my slings go to my info pages here!


Welcome to Katie Celf Cwtch-Up Slings! This is something I’ve been working on for a few years. I first became interested in Baby Wearing whilst I was expecting my little boy, Gruffydd. So he is kind of the inspiration for all this. I really liked the idea of carrying him close to me and having that connection, after all I had already been carrying him round with me for nine months!!!! It just feels like such a natural thing to do. I’ve tried quite a few slings, and I’ve found the ring sling to be my personal favourite. I made the 1st ring sling, before I had Gruff and have since made a few improvements to my design. Having, of course, had the chance to test it thoroughly! I love it and I hope you do too xxx


This is a quality, handmade by me, Baby Ring Sling!

  • Made from 100% cotton. In printed patterned fabric and a panel detail pocket.

  • I’ve sourced all my fabrics from the UK and many bought from local fabric shops.

  • Has a convenient zip pocket, suitable for bits and bobs.

  • Please be reassured ALL my rings are made from 2 1/2″ steel and have been manufactured in the UK. The rings have been Tested and passed by a government recognised UKAS accreditation laboratory.

  • The rings used to make these slings withstood a load test of over 175 kilo’s (385lb) . So my Sling is ideal from birth to 35lb (Around 3 years)

  • 180cm in length and 110cm wide. It spreads out across your shoulder and back to give you a comfortable position to carry your little one and spread the weight evenly.

  • It is very easy to use and adjust to fit you and your baby. Simply pop it on, slip your little one into position, secure and off you go!

  • Perfect for breastfeeding.

  • Great for keeping your hands free.

  • Can be used in a number of different positions.

  • Tested by myself and my beautiful model and own little one, Gruffydd.

  • There are many websites on the ways to use a sling safely, which, are a fantastic resource.

  • You must be able to see your baby’s face.

  • Check them regularly.

  • They should sit high enough up in the sling for you kiss you baby’s forehead.

  • Any questions please contact me!

  • Oh! And its machine washable at 30! 🙂

Other fabrics are available so please do check my other listings.

Thank you for looking and happy bidding!

Summer School Dates!

New summer school dates at Calon Yarns!

Come along and learn to sew! Check out my Events and work shops page and of course the Calon Yarns website for more info and how to book!

Sewing Surgery……help is at hand!

Saturday 27th July 2013 10:30 – 4:30pm

Are you in the middle of a sewing project and need some help?……

Would you like to start a sewing project but would like someone to guide you through the initial stages?…….

Maybe you have a garment you would like to alter/change/mend and are not quite sure where to start?……

This Sewing Surgery workshop will get you started or get you back on track…..whatever you need! Kate will guide you through your project, teach you new techniques and methods and soon that sewing project you’ve always wanted to get on with will be taking shape and your sewing confidence will grow!!

So why not spend the day making friends with your machine and unleashing your creativity!……numbers will be strictly limited so book soon!

Cost £48 (includes lunch and refreshments) If you would like advice about a project that you would like to undertake then please drop us a line on info@calonyarns.co.uk

Introduction to Machine Sewing Summer School

Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th August 10:30 – 4:30pm 2013

Did you catch the Sewing Bee bug?……would you like to create beautiful homewares and simple clothes?

Why not come along to our Summer Sewing School and learn all your basics, get to grips with your machine and create a personal project!

If you would like some help in exploring your machine and mastering some of the basics of machine sewing then why not come along and join us for two days creativity!

We will learn the basics of how to thread the machine, wind bobbins, use all the dials and stitches and alter tension and stitch length. We will then look at simple seams, gathers and pleats and also introduce you to zips and buttonholes!

During the course you will put all your new found techinques into practise by designing and making a cushion cover, bag or other personal project with a zip or button fastening……what will you choose?

Cost £95 (includes all materials for practise, but not for your personal project, a light lunch on each day and refreshments)

We also run 6 week sewing courses, check out our ADULT CLASSES page.

Follow a Commercial Pattern – Machine Sewing

Runs over two weekends – Saturday 7th Sept and Saturday 14th Sept 10:30-4:30 2013

If you can use a sewing machine but would love to expand your skills and are keen to follow a commercial pattern, then this is the perfect mini course for you!

Bring along a pattern that you are keen to have a go at or we can help you with some pattern choices and over the two Saturdays you will learn how to cut your pattern to the size you require, how to adapt and adjust it to fit your size and shape, how to decipher all those confusing instructions and how to create a wonderful, bespoke and unique item of clothing…..your seamstress journey has just begun!

The first Saturday will be taken up with cutting our your pattern and fabric and starting simple sewing/piecing techniques. You will be required to complete some ‘homework’ between the two sessions. The second Saturday will be completeing your chosen project.

So why not get in touch and we’ll help you choose a pattern that can be completed in these two sessions!

Cost – £95 (patterns and materials are not provided. Refreshments and lunch is included)


Make Your Own Baby Sling Workshop Coming Up Soon!!!!

Hello! The next workshop at Calon Yarns is coming up soon!

Make a Beautiful Baby Ring Sling

20130105-013059 PM.jpg
Saturday March 16th – 10:30 – 4:30pm

A Ring Sling is a piece of fabric which threads through the rings to form a loop. You simply adjust the size of the loop according to the size of the baby and the carrier to get excellent support and comfort for you both. ‘Baby wearing’ is becoming an ever more popular way of carrying your little bundle of joy as it is both versatile and easy to use.

The Ring Sling can be used from birth up to around 3 years of age and is wonderful as it keeps baby close to the body and can also be used to discreetly breastfeed.

The sling is relatively easy to make and requires surprisingly little fabric. There is no pattern to follow and you can practise your pleating and gathering skills (or learn them for the first time!) and if you feel adventurous, you could also add a pocket with a zip, button or velcro fastening!

So if you have a baby on the way or maybe have a friend who would appreciate a beautiful homeade gift for baby, then why not join us for this wonderful workshop.

Cost £50 (includes the ring fastening, a light lunch and refreshments, but not the fabric needed for the sling)

This workshop is suitable for those who have at least a basic knowledge of using a machine. You will need to bring your machine along with you.

For more information on Baby Wearing and Slings Take a look at my page on Baby Wearing

And for info on all the Events / Workshops take a look at my page for all the latest things! New workshops and classes to be added soon!

If you’d like any info please do get in touch!